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About Us

We are Maggie (10 years old) and Douglas Miller (14 years old) and we have created Leash Central. We want to make an impact on the Pet Leash industry. We make affordable and high-quality leashes. We have tested these leashes in many different ways, and not a single time have they failed. We love animals and want to make the best for them. We have a pet dog named Mac who is a Boykin Spaniel. When we take him on walks, we have learned that these leashes are very comfortable to hold. We can't wait to make an impact on people's lives by selling affordable and high-quality leashes.

What Sets Us Apart?

 Many leashes that we have tried before cost about the same price. These leashes have 2 main problems. First, if your dog likes to pull or there is some tug on the leash, it will hurt your hand. Our leash is round and not rectangular which leaves no sharp edges to scratch your hand. Second, our leashes are more durable. Because of the diamond-braid texture of our rope, it is extremely difficult for the rope to start fraying. We also burn the ends to prevent fraying. 5% of all profit goes to a local pet shelter. All of our leashes are put through tests, and not a single time have they failed. Our leashes have many advantages over normal, factory-made leashes. 

Factory-Made Leash

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Email: leashcentralbusiness@gmail.com